Teeter Hang Ups 700ia Inversion Table


The 700ia sets the standard for Teeter’s FitFlex™ series. The FitFlex™ bed comfortably flexes with the user while the larger, padded Traction Support Handles with Traction Bars provide extra assistance and enhanced stretching and decompression options. The included Decompression Arch can be positioned in the lower back area or behind to the neck to gain traction and additional support.

Unique to the 700ia

  • FitFlex™ Bed with pressure-reducing design maximizes spinal comfort and flexes with the user
  • Decompression Arch is designed to provide traction and a point of support when positioned in the small of the back or curve of the neck.
  • Larger, padded Traction Support Handles assist during inversion and ascent, while Traction Bars offer enhanced decompression and stretching options