Easy Magic Floor Mop 360° Bucket w/2 Microfiber Heads

Easy Clean Spin Mop with Bucket Wringer

The spinning mop pole will dry the mop head quick and efficiently so you can continue cleaning. 360° rotating and washable mop Dry/Wet Mop – No Marks, Safe, and Easy to Clean. New spin-dry water bucket allows you to choose how wet the micro-fabric mop head should be. The mop cleans, removes dust and absorbs water, making the floor clean and dry right away. The unique micro-fibers used in the mop head resist wear, fight bacteria and clean without scratching floors or delicate surfaces. NO foot pedal, NO plastic spinning axis, NO other unnecessary moving parts This mop does NOT use a foot pedal. It spins by pressing the mop straight down at a 90° angle into the dehydrate basket. Condition: New.

Shipping: $2.

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