Best Ride On Cars HoverKart


Now you can ride your electric hoverboard without learning to balance! Just mount the hoverboard kart to the top of your electric hoverboard balance scooter (hoverboard sold separately), and you’ve got an instant three-wheeled kart that anyone can ride! Great for kids! Handles tilt to activate the hoverboard controls for forward, reverse and left and right turning. Both the seat and the footrest bar can be adjusted 4 inches to accommodate riders of any size. Transform your hoverboard into a gokart! BalanceKart is a hoverboard accessory that transforms your hoverboard into a super fun electric gokart that can accelerate, brake, turn on a dime, and pop effortless wheelies, all with simple, intuitive hand controls. Just strap BalanceKart onto your hoverboard and you’re ready to go! Our attachment system allows BalanceKart to attach and detach in just a few seconds, leaving your hoverboard untouched. The ride is super smooth. Works on most size, makes and models of hoverboards 4.5″, 6.5″ & 8″.

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