Steel Propane Powered Scooter in Black/Green


This eco-friendly propane-powered motor scooter was designed to provide both the same performance as your conventional gas scooter, while still having the minimal environmental impact that electric scooters provide. Its EPA and CARB approvals make the scooter legal where many gas-powered scooters are not. You will not have the 6 to 12 hour charging downtime electric scooters have making the ProGo Recreation 3000 a true mode of transportation. No gas also means no choke, no priming, no carburetor gum up, and no winterizing and its 25cc 4-stroke engine is sure to be quieter than the 2-stroke engines the gas scooters use. With speeds of up to 20 MPH and a range of up to 40 miles per propane canister, the choice could not be easier. “Go Clean, Go Green, Go Progo” Technical Specifications: Engine: 25cc 4-stroke; Fuel Type: Propane; Start up; Pull start engine; Acceleration; Thumb Throttle; Brakes: Disk; Tire size: 8 in.; Speed: Up to 20 MPH; Dry Weight: 35 lbs.; Frame: Steel; Maximum Weight: 225 lbs.; Run Time: 2 to 3 hours/Up to 40 miles.