20 Funny Office Pranks You Should Try That Your Boss Will Definitely Not Find Funny


If you have or had a job in an office, you know what it’s like to get “cubicle fever.” Where your biggest highlight of the day is getting the chance to get up and make a copy of something or take a trip to the bathroom. Well these 20 pranks help beat “cubicle fever” and make the work day a little more enjoyable.

1. For that cubicle buddy who needs a little more life in their office



2. For that one person who’s lunch smelled bad – tighten the zip-tie, toss it and run! febreeze-prank


3. When You don’t know what to do with those post-its in the back of your drawer office-pranks10


4. When your too old and too busy to go into a ball pit, bring it to work! balloon-prank


5. This might make writing that 20 page report a little more enjoyable, or notoffice-pranks16


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