Ninja Master Prep Food and Drink Maker

ninja prep

The Ninja Master Prep Food and Drink Maker crushes ice into snow in seconds, blends frozen fruits into creamy smoothies and chops fresh ingredients evenly. The interchangeable 400W power pod quickly switches between two different sized jars. There is a 48-ounce pitcher and 16-ounce bowl to allow for versatility in the kitchen. Once you have finished blending or chopping with the Ninja drink maker, use the convenient storage lids to keep your food fresh. The chopper and pitcher both include splash guards to help keep your clothes and kitchen clean.

  • Interchangeable 400W power pod
  • Frozen blending
  • Food processing
  • Perfect and even chopping
  • 2 conveniently sized jars
  • Ninja drink maker includes 16-oz chopper bowl
  • 4-blade set
  • Chopper splash guard
  • Chopper storage lid
  • 48-oz pitcher
  • Pitcher splash guard
  • 6-blade set

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