2-for-Tuesday: Life Gear Auto Emergency Tool LED Flashlights

lfiegear flashlights

The Glow Auto EP is the all-in-one auto safety tool for your trunk or in your glove box. Life+Gear’s Auto Glow EP is equipped to get you out of danger quickly and efficiently. The Glow Auto EP’s aluminum window spike uses a special design to break your windows if you or your family is every in a situation where they need to exit the vehicle through the window. During seat belt malfunction, the seat belt cutter blade cuts easily through the seat belt so you can quickly exit the vehicle. This tool is unique because it also has a flashlight, glow stick & emergency flasher with a magnetic base which can be attached to the metal body of your car for emergency signaling.

  • Emergency Aluminum Window Breaking Spike Hammer
  • Seat belt cutter to quickly exit vehicle
  • Safety Flashlight, 30hr runtime
  • LED Red Glow stick & Flasher with magnetic base for emergency signaling, 100hr flasher runtime