Photive 60 Watt 6 Port USB Desktop Rapid Charger

desktop charger

Simplify your life with the Photive 60 Watt multi-port Rapid Charger from Photive. With a total of 6 USB ports and a total output of 60 watts, this charger is optimized to charge nearly any USB device. Intelligent Charging Technology The 60Watt rapid charger incorporates our latest Auto Detect Technology. Each USB port intelligently identifies your device and identifies the maximum amount of power it is calling for. Ideal for charging Apple and Android devices 60 Watts of Power 12 Amps Industry first 60 Watt portable charger – 60 Watts of power will charge multiple devices at the same time. 60 Watt Rapid Charger provides 60W/12A of power for up to 6 of your USB devices with a single outlet.

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