Bem Academia Desk Lamp Bluetooth Speaker Thingy

meh lamp

Shed some light and sound while you work & study!  Bem’s Academia is your perfect desktop companion whether you’re working hard or hardly working! The led light has a mulitdirectional swivel for precision positioning or just fold it up when you’re looking for a “clutter free” desktop! Sound good? Why yes, actually, it sounds great. Rich, precision-tunedkinda hard to believe, for something so conveniently connected, via Bluetooth, with your smart phone, iPod, tablet, etc. Product Specifications: Speaker phone with built in microphone Up to 40 ft of Bluetooth connectivity Collapsible built in LED light for reading and ambiance Built in device holder Multidirectional swivel hinge on light for precision positioning Includes 2 swapple covers 2 USB ports to charge your devices Bluetooth 4.0

  • Nifty little Bluetooth/aux-in speaker
  • Cool little dimmable, collapsible lamp
  • Useful little phone and tablet charger