Banana Boat Bluetooth Speaker

banana boat

Banana Boat Pool Sound System is a completely wireless, floating, waterproof sound system with Bluetooth 3.0 Technology. Speaker unit has Up/Down Volume controls and LED illumination. The Speaker Unit auto-pairs with any Apple or Bluetooth Version 3.0 device. The Speaker Unit has a line-of-sight outdoor range of up to 150 feet. The indoor range is up to approximately 60 feet. Rechargeable Li-Ion battery included. Meets IPX7 water intrusion rating (1meter for 30 minutes).

  • The good news: it’s a water-resistant Bluetooth speaker that it sounds really good because it’s so big
  • The bad news: it’s made to float but reviewers say it’s not that waterproof
  • The worse news: a floating speaker was a dumb idea to begin with
  • The best news: that price tho