Suntrap Pro Mosquito Trapper

Touch of Eco Suntrap Pro - Solar LED Mosquito & Insects Trapper

Touch of Eco Suntrap Pro - Solar LED Mosquito & Insects Trapper

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Start enjoying your time outdoors again with Touch Of ECO’s SUNTRAP PRO. Say goodbye to pesky mosquito’s, wasps, and other insects always buzzing around the porch. Our solar powered trap features two entry tunnels with one on either end designed to give off the irresistible smell of added sugar water. The solar UV light turns on automatically every night to attract more insects. While turning off automatically every morning to charge. Just hang your SUNTRAP PRO from any branch, umbrella or overhang. Or place it on your patio table or picnic table to catch all the pesky bugs that are bothering you. No maintenance, chemicals, batteries or timers needed! Solar-powered mosquito and insect trap Humanely traps all types of pesky insects without the need for chemicals, Eco-friendly alternative to bug zappers, Double-entry tunnels with one on each side, highly effective to lure insects, Durable design for year-round outdoor use, Size:, 3.5″x3.5″x4.5″ inches, Weight: About 6.8 ounces, Color: Green + Transparent, Material: PP+ABS, Solar Panel: 2V 40MA, Battery: 40mAH battery.