Ferrari Micro-USB Car Charger + Motorola Auxiliary Cable Bundle Pack


With the Motorola Micro-USB Car Charger w/ Ferrari Logo, your micro-USB device will never lose power when you’re on the go. Simply plug the charger into your car’s power socket for a quick boost. The Motorola Micro-USB Car Charger w/ Ferrari Logo is a smart pick for the trendy, talkative traveler. Compatible with all carriers and manufacturers, it will power most devices with a micro-USB connector. Use the included AUX cable to play music from your device’s 3.5mm jack on your car’s speaker system.

  • Keep your battery fully charged on the go
  • Light-weight and portable
  • Compatible with most micro-USB devices
  • Illuminated Ferrari logo when charger is plugged in
  • Included AUX cable connects your device with a 3.5mm jack to your car’s speaker system

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